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Scope of Experience of S.S.I.I.A.C.E Management Team

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides end-to-end voice, data and multimedia telecommunication services anywhere… even in the most remote places, and under the most difficult conditions. With our combination of satellite ground systems and services, leading-edge last-mile wireless technology, and high-speed global access to the U.S. and European Internet backbone, we make it a reality for anyone to have long-term or temporary communication services wherever they are needed.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides the highest quality VSAT systems; VOIP, Information Technology and Consulting to achieve the best in satellite and voice communications, ideally suited for the Africa markets.

Houston and Washington DC – S.S.I.I.A.C.E has Sales and Support Centers in Houston and Washington DC that support US Government Prime Contractors and Houston oil customers to provide end-to-end services from the field direct to client offices. S.S.I.I.A.C.E Network Operations Center in Washington DC provides engineering services, as well as support services for world wide operations.

Germany – S.S.I.I.A.C.E has wisely invested in US made technology by Altigen, Codan, Prodelin, Cisco, and Viasat Comsat Corp. to provide high quality VSAT, Internet, Voice and Network technologies.S.S.I.I.A.C.E has chosen Intelsat�s Worldwide Network to provide the best and most cost effective VSAT services. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has a HUB in Intelsat�s Flagship Teleport in Fuchsttadt Germany. Intelsat is the world�s biggest and best VSAT service provider and S.S.I.I.A.C.E is one of Intelsat�s fastest growing customers.

Iraq � S.S.I.I.A.C.E has maintained operations in Iraq since 2003. S.S.I.I.A.C.E was instrumental in providing Voice and VSAT services to various Fortune 100 Customers during Iraq War operations. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has hired and trained local Iraqi Engineers and Technicians to provide on-site support under demanding conditions.

Saudi Arabia and The Middle East- S.S.I.I.A.C.E have local Technical and Business Development teams in Riyadh and Jeddah Saudi Arabia that support Computer Telephony and IT applications. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has installed Voice and VSAT solutions in The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and remote regions throughout the Middle East.

Africa – S.S.I.I.A.C.E Africa has VSAT customers in over 8 cities in Africa – Gabon, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Ghana, and Equatorial Guinea. These are linked to London customers and US customers, via S.S.I.I.A.C.E�s Fiber Network back to Telehouse in London, New York, Washington DC, and Houston.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E has invested heavily in the local content where S.S.I.I.A.C.E does business. S.S.I.I.A.C.Ehas trained local African technicians in Washington DC and Houston for support of our technologies such as VSAT, PBX, networks, PC support and other network functions.

Our operational capabilities in Africa are unsurpassed in providing local maintenance and support services.

Clients Served Globally

Comtech Mobile Datacom – Comtech provides GPS vehicle tracking systems for the US Army all over the world. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has installed 17 VSAT systems for the GPS tracking project in US Bases, Thailand, Austria, Italy, Norway, United Arab Emirates and Canada.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E is providing Comtech consulting services to achieve worldwide compliance. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has been retained to negotiate communications licenses in over 17 countries throughout the world for Comtech in Support of the US Military.

Clients Served Africa

DynCorp International- DynCorp International, a major provider of aviation services worldwide, is designing and building the most modern and comprehensive airport facility in West Africa.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E has provided VOIP, network and support VSAT services for two sites in Uyo Africa for the Airport Project. S.S.I.I.A.C.E installed initial office networks and voice communications in support of the large engineering and construction efforts.

Trafigura Ltd – Trafigura is one of the biggest oil and commodity traders in the world. Trafigura maintains over 50 offices in over 30 countries around the world with 17 billion in trades. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has provided 3.8M VSATS, 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz Wireless backhaul, fiber networks, voice over IP PBX systems, Polycom Video Conference, UPS systems, Complete Office Moves � re-install office, network and communication systems.

Ophir Energy – Ophir, a Africa focused Exploration and Production Company, has purchased a complete set of communications products from S.S.I.I.A.C.E.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E has provided VSAT, PBX, wireless links, Networks, eFax, PC�s, servers and IPX provides local support contracts to Ophir Energy.

KCA-Deutag – KCA DEUTAG currently manages more than 100 drilling rigs worldwide, operating in more than 25 countries and employing more than 6,000 personnel. S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides a full range of products and services to KCA in Africa.

Shell Oil – S.S.I.I.A.C.E has installed telecommunications towers that support microwave and wireless communications in Gabon.

Addax-Pan-Ocean Energy Corporation Limited – Pan-Ocean Energy explores for, produces and markets oil and gas in the West African nation of Gabon. Its major fields are in the jungles of Gabon.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E has installed 3.8Meter VSAT, VOIP, wireless hot spots, networks, power conditioning, UPS, wireless backhauls, networks and full support of critical network services 100�s of miles into the jungles of Gabon.

K 5 Oil Center – K5 at the Port in Malabo Equatorial Guinea provides oil services to the local oil patch.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E has installed VSAT, Firewalls, Cisco Networks, UPS systems, Lightning suppression, Servers and VOIP to Germany and the USA from Malabo.

VERITAS CGG – A leader in seismic data acquisition, VERITAS serves the petroleum industry worldwide.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provided voice and VSAT solutions to VERITAS, 3 days after order was placed. Installation was completed in the Jungles of Gabon linking VERITAS staff to Houston.