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Cutting-edge technology is required to successfully find, drill, store, transport and refine oil and gas. The oil and gas industry relies on S.S.I.I.A.C.E to deliver innovative communications systems to keep every aspect of the decision support process connected. The more remote the environment, the more sophisticated the communication technology is required.

Global satellite communications, microwave technology, Wi-Fi, wireless and fiber optic cables work independently and together to provide the oil and gas industry with a highly complex solution for data transfer of all types.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides the linkage and connectivity of drilling sites or producing fields into a wider network. Where traditional cabling methods are impossible, impractical, or too expensive, wireless communications allow companies to extend the office network environment securely.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E connects the VSAT broadband source from main offices to the guest house, field operations like – Drilling Superintendent, well logging shack, administrations buildings, etc. that allow management of these assets in the field.


S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides integrated VSAT and Wi-Fi deployment for compounds and camp operations. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has provided VSAT communications services across all our markets and around the world, including The Former Soviet Union, Congo, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and United Arab Emirates.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E principals have been deploying Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products since 1997. High quality communications must be engineered properly. S.S.I.I.A.C.E specialized CTI voice systems linked to VSAT Communications provide crystal clear voice with minimal delay and quality defects found in many commercial applications. From 10 users to 10,000 users S.S.I.I.A.C.E will deliver camp/compound voice communications second to none.

Gateways for Long Distance, Fax, Cell, SMS and PSTN

Long Distance Gateways

S.S.I.I.A.C.E can link your IP based PBX systems to S.S.I.I.A.C.E E1 Services in London, Backup Gateways in Germany and USA connections to provide low cost, long distance dialing plans. In addition, we can provide Direct Inward Dial numbers for your offices and fax applications. Numbers in the UK can be linked to your desktop phone or laptop.

PSTN Connections

Low cost PBX systems provided by S.S.I.I.A.C.E, also connect to the local in-country PSTN phones lines to allow local calling and contact with customers.

Modular cards can provide 4-trunk, 8-trunk and T1 and E1 connections to the local PSTN.

FAX Over IP Gateways

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides a turnkey fax VOIP solution that connects to an analog port(s) of S.S.I.I.A.C.E PBX systems that are and convert faxes to .pdf or .tiff files, allowing you to receive faxes wherever you are as e-mails and send faxes from any application that can print. The solution provides distributed faxing capabilities, over the S.S.I.I.A.C.E WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as to field operations and sales people.

Cellular Gateways

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides cellular gateways which route incoming and outgoing fixed line calls through lower cost wireless networks providing a substantial savings in overall telephone costs. Furthermore, the S.S.I.I.A.C.E provided cell gateways provide an affordable alternative in emergency situations offering an easy, quick solution to routing critical communication over the cellular network, if the PSTN service were to go down.

SMS Messaging Gateways

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides communications servers that provide text messaging to cell phone solutions. The SMS server empowers businesses with the ability to broadcast and receive SMS text messages. Now anyone on the network can broadcast messages allowing organizations to reach clients, subscribers, members and prospects via SMS with a click of a button.

Information Technology

S.S.I.I.A.C.E Consulting Services Group has performed network design and manages the security for Fortune 100 organizations. We use professional tools, to provide complete security auditing services that add value and scope to your network and application testing initiatives. When you work with S.S.I.I.A.C.E Consulting Personnel, you gain experience with some of the best information technology professionals in the business.


S.S.I.I.A.C.E, as an electronic solutions integrator, has Motorola Certifications to install Motorola Mission Critical Communications. This term is applied to describe the networks specifically designed for operations and safety in the oil field. With intrinsically safe equipment selections, the S.S.I.I.A.C.E teams deliver robust, fail-safe, and secure voice and data communications in the field.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E delivers dedicated private networks linked to Motorola Radios. S.S.I.I.A.C.E connects PBX systems to allow an extension on the phone system to call the Radio network to allow efficient headquarters-to-field communications.

These COMS oversee the safety of field workers, increase productivity, and maintain business continuity from the headquarters to the field using S.S.I.I.A.C.E & Motorola Radio products.

S.S.I.I.A.C.E Wireless and Backhaul Connections

Our Wireless Internet Access is a high speed, high capacity access solution. It uses top rated Radio Modem equipment. It involves installation of an antenna at the subscriber’s location; this is then pointed to any of our several access points according to the line-of-sight or near line of sight, available between the subscriber and the S.S.I.I.A.C.E VSAT facility.

Some of our wireless products allow you to set up high-speed, wide area networks over unprecedented long distances. Unlike any other bridge/router on the market today, our products give you the power to establish LAN-to-LAN connections over distances of up to 60 Km- with superior performance. Moreover, each product is a compact, single, integrated outdoor unit designed to withstand harsh environments.

Communication Towers

Self-supporting (free-standing) towers are designed as a universal free-standing solution to a wide range of demanding applications. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has installed from 50 foot to 240 foot towers in Africa to support field communications and links to guest houses.

Engineering Construction – Mancamp Construction

S.S.I.I.A.C.E provides prefabricated units and containers, suited for military and civilian use. These products can be deployed and installed within short periods of time compared with traditional fixed building construction. And also provides the benefit of being able to move and re-deploy the same buildings.


S.S.I.I.A.C.E’s experience can meet the critical procurement and logistics needs of companies operating far, far from home. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has an intimate knowledge of import/export laws and international shipping modes to quickly deliver the critical equipment and services required to effectively operate in remote and hostile environments. S.S.I.I.A.C.E can set up air logistics operations to move personnel and equipment utilizing vehicle convoys over hostile territory. S.S.I.I.A.C.E has the strategic relationships with U.S. & foreign manufacturers and shipping companies to ensure safe and expedited delivery of all types of mission critical equipment necessary to function in places like Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.