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Over 10 years we help companies reach their financial and branding goals. Engitech is a values-driven technology agency dedicated.

Assistance, study and advice in the field of Information and Communication Technologies;
– The audit of information systems;
– Strategy and development of projects;
– Representation of experts from the new technology industry;
– Emissions, transmissions or receptions of signs, signals, writings, images or sounds, by electromagnetic means;
– The exploitation of terrestrial and satellite telecommunications networks and that of renewable energies;
– The rental of the telecommunications infrastructure and the carrying out of civil engineering works relating to this infrastructure;
– The construction and maintenance of all types of telephone installations;
– The study of the establishment of wired or wireless telecommunications systems;
– The provision of internet access;
– Study of the installation and management of particular telecommunications systems;
– The performance of all commercial, industrial, maintenance and related operations and services that may be directly related
or indirectly to the corporate purpose and likely to promote its extension or development.
– The purchase, sale, rental, leasing, management, direct or indirect participation by any means, in any form whatsoever, in
all companies and all companies created or to be created, having the same corporate object or a similar, related or complementary object.
– And, more generally, all industrial, commercial, financial, movable or real estate operations, relating directly or indirectly to the corporate purpose or likely to facilitate its extension or development.